Nonwoven Spunbond


%100% Polypropylene, First Quality Raw Material and Product in Superior Standards

Nonwoven fabric is a type of technical textile fabric that is not knitted, woven or defined as felts.


Nonwoven fabrics are formed by combining fibers with heat, mechanical or chemical means. They are not knitted or woven fabrics. There are quite a large areas of use. The raw material of nonwoven fabrics is an oil derivative. Nonwoven fabrics are produced from polyester, polypropylene and a small amount of polyethylene.


The fully recyclable Nonwoven Spunbond fabric is resistant up to 90°C. Nonwoven Spunbond fabrics; There are types of hydrophobic ( waterproof ) and ( holding hydrophilic ).

With additional additives to provide UV resistance, sun resistance can be increased. There is a wide range of different fabrics imaginable, from garments to upholstery to fabric, from curtain to camping tent.

Nonwoven Spunbond Usage Areas and Sectors


Medical sector; It is used for products such as bone, mask, apron, stretcher cover, sterile chickpea.

Isolation sector; It is used to ensure the moisture balance inside as well as heat, water and sound insulation.

Agricultural sector; It is used to protect agricultural products from harmful sun rays, bad weather and pests.

Promotional industry; It is used in many bags and promotional items.

Furniture industry; It is used in interior dressing, side arms, production in closing the bottom floor. It is also used as a packaging for the protection of ready-made products.

Automotive industry; used for seat and car cover.

Home Textile industry; It is used in quilts and pillow cases.

Usage Areas

Nonwoven Fabric Properties;


  • It is very resistant to wear.
  • It has high absorbency.
  • Nonwoven has a well-formable feature.
  • Nonwoven can eliminate certain levels of wrinkle.
  • Another feature of Nonvoven fabric is that it can retain its shape.
  • It has a hair-free surface.

The most important feature in choosing Nonwowen fabrics is the dimensional stability of the fabric.


Nonwoven fabric is a preferred fabric type in many industries due to its wear resistance.


Nonwoven Spunbond is obtained from 100% polypropylene raw material that is friendly to health and the environment used in a wide variety of applications in the technical textile industry.

Production Details


Raw Material Type: 100% Polypropylene (PP)

Gramage Range: 10 g/m2 – 160 g/m2

Production Eni: 260 cm, 160 cm

Jointing: Heat jointing ( Kalender)

Features: Hydrophilic, Anti-Static, UV Stabilizer

Color: ~ 25 standard color shades

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