Basal - Technical Textiles | Spunlace

Hygienic Production Conditions, Particle-Free Special Structure, and Flexibility

Natural and synthetic fiber raw materials are used for production process in our company’s new and advanced technology production lines. BASAL’s priority in Spunlace nonwoven fabric production is to always maintain the most hygienic conditions.

Our Spunlace product weight ranges between 25 gr/m²-150 gr/m² and up to 320 cm width.

Customised production in different color and width combinations with different properties such as particle-free feature, liquid repellency, liquid absorbency, softness, hardness, flexibility, etc is available to meet customer needs.



Size & Weight: 320cm
Weight: 25 gr/m² – 150 gr /m²



Medical: Spunlace is used in the production of band-aids, gauzes, bandages, gowns, wiping, and drying cloths.
Cleaning and Wiping Cloths: Spunlace is used in the production of cleaning and wiping cloths with various surface and absorbency properties.
Industrial Cloths: Spunlace is used as an industrial cloth in different sectors. BASAL Spunlace nonwovens come in different features such as different softness and hardness levels, high absorbency features.
Cosmetics: Thanks to highly absorbent and anti-pilling structure of Spunlace, it can also be used as hair drying towel, wax cloth, or makeup removing wipe. Since it is disposable, it offers high level hygiene.
Hygiene: Spunlace can be used in producing wet wipes in the desired softness, absorbency, and quality standards to achieve targeted softness and the most delicate touch in contact with the face and skin.
Spunlace can also be produced in different stain-free structures and touches for industrial cleaning.