Basal - Technical Textiles | Nonwoven Spunbod

100% Polypropylene, First-Class Raw Material, and High-Standard Products

Nonwoven Spunbond Basal fabrics are produced with 100% polypropylene and first-class raw materials. Based on our principle of producing long-lasting quality products through healthy and eco-friendly production technologies, only 100% polypropylene material is used to reach stable and standard quality.
Our company’s priority in Spunbond production is to reach product standards that comply with “Edana” standards and the “Oecotex” certificate.
BASAL Spunbond production lines are equipped with SS, SSS, and SMMS technologies. Production in widths of 160 cm – 250 cm – 320 cm is available. Different width combinations can also be produced according to the demands and the needs of our customers.

Thanks to our production lines with SSS production technology, BASAL can offer product advantages for sectors that require high homogeneity and durability features. Production weight ranges between 10 g/m2 to 160 g/m2.

Our company offers production in approximately 25 standard colors. Production in special colors is also available for sufficient order tonnages.



Medical: Sponbond is used for products such as bonnets, masks, gowns, stretcher covers, and sterile bundles.
Insulation: Sponbond is used for maintaining the moisture balance inside as well as maintaining heat, water, noise insulation.
Agriculture: Sponbond is used to protect agricultural products against harmful sun rays, bad weather conditions, and pests.
Promotion: Sponbond is used in production of promotional products such as bags.
Furniture: Sponbond is used for interior trim, side arms, and covering the bottom base of various furniture, pocket spring units, mattress production. It is also used as packaging to protect ready-made products.
Automotive: Sponbond is used in producing seats and car covers.
Home Textile: Sponbond is used in quilts and pillowcases.