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BASAL Isocover Under Tile Covers add liquid impermeability to tile-covered roofs thanks to its special formula developed against water leaks that frequently occur on tile-covered slopping roofs in the times of heavy rain and snow accumulation.


  1. Isocover can be laid under the tiles on roofs. It provides heat and water insulation. It also has sound-absorbing properties.
  2. Since Isocover does not contain chrome or other heavy metals, it is an environmental and human-friendly product.
  3. Isocover provides the evacuation of the steam inside the building and prevents the formation of moisture inside the building.
  4. Isocover prevents decay in your roof by blocking the rainwater and providing air circulation.
  5. In the greatest heat losses, Isocover prevents the heated or cooled air from escaping through cracks and gaps.
  6. Isocover is used for water insulation under roofing such as tiles in slopping roofs.
  7. Isocover protects the building by preventing the rainfall carried by the wind from getting inside the building.
  8. Isocover does not sweat.
  9. Isocover is clean, light, resistant, strong. Its application is fast and easy


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