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Environment and Sustainability


Our Company aims to integrate the core principles of the lifecycle and the widely accepted environmental approaches into our business world. BASAL is committed to continuously maintaining and improving its environmental performance, using eco-friendly products in compliance with national and international legislations, and contributing to the sustainability of the world by making the most of recycling.

­ In all its activities, our company is mindful of preserving our global resources with a perspective to protect the lives of the next generations and their resources, minimizing contamination and waste levels, leaving a habitable and clean environment behind us, and contributing to sustainability by maintaining the environmental standards.­­­­

  • Determining and developing environmental strategies,
  • Determining environmental risks and analyses,
  • Determining performance criteria and goals,
  • Following applications.
  • Adopting an Integrated Environmental and Sustainability management system approaches,
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  • Continuously improving and enhancing sustainability practices by reviewing every stage of our activities.
  • Prioritizing sustainability policies in project, facility, and process designs, choosing, and continuously developing environmentally friendly production technologies so that we can minimize the environmental and social risks that may arise from our activities,
  • Implementing Management Systems effectively and systematically by conducting environmental analyzes within this scope,
  • Contributing to the minimization of waste generation and to recycling by reducing pollution at the source with sustainable waste management.
  • Creating and expanding environmental awareness in all our employees.
  • Working on the protection of natural resources and ecological species with a sustainability approach,
  • Reducing emissions that stem from production and services,
  • Openly sharing our Sustainable Environmental Policy practices.